Maybe I’m old-fashioned or maybe I’m just old, but I’m so over the whole dating site scene.  It’s just become too complicated.  Recently, I unpaused my account on a dating site and noticed there were over 400 messages in my inbox, when I signed back on.  So I decided I’d take a look to see if there is anyone “out there” I might to know, and every so often, there seems to be someone who has posted a profile shot that’s matched up with a witty bio, that’s not over the top, and just seems to be “for real.”

As I glance at the photos, I do my best not to be judgmental.  I mean after all I’m not perfect, and I’m definitely not expecting anyone to be perfect.  Only, sometimes I want to reach out and tell these guys, “WTF” when it comes to the photos they post in their bio.  I mean, it’s crazy, but it’s sort of like going to a job interview with toilet paper attached to your shoe.  Don’t these guys want a girl?  Or are they clearly that oblivious to how their profile comes across to the opposite sex?

Let me describe what I mean.  (I probably should be doing my Biology homework right now, but I felt compelled to write this.) There’s the guys who tend to show off their muscles and its usually in a photo in front of a toilet.  Seriously, that’s so not sexy.  Then there are the guys who actually cut out part of the photos they post.  I’m assumed that the other half of the photo is the guys’ former “better half.”  Oh and, there’s the guys who look completely differently in every photo, so which one are you?  Lastly, there’s that guy who posted the photo with his dog.  Actually, that’s sort of cool, except when you describe your dog in such detail that one is starting to wonder if your dog is your signifiant other, in a way that’s probably not going to work out for the woman in your life.

Once I get through the photos, I tend to want to exchange numbers because it just seems to be better than using the site for chats.  That leads to a whole other set of questions, and I don’t know, maybe I’m better off doing my homework, and skipping the whole dating scene these days.  Are real people even out there anymore?  Or have we just become one big online world?