On page 16, of the book I’m reading, there’s a part line about dice. It begins with, “Pick up two dice. Now roll them. If the number rolled adds up to ten, eleven, or twelve I die on the operating table.” Can you imagine? The book is a memoir, written by Robert Hoge, and its title is Ugly. It’s an awe inspiring story, which I’ve not yet finished but as I was reading, I thought about all that’s happened in my life. And, I thought about the odds. Never have been the odds of anything been dealt to me in such a way that my very life or that of my son depended on anything, and least not in a prospective manner. It was only after looking back through a retrospective lens, that I was able to question, usually in a manner of wonder or relief.
For example, what were the odds that I would find myself living in Southern Nevada, and what were the odds that I would be teaching elementary school after spending much of my life in a career involving risk management? It’s so interesting to look back on one’s life in a manner of wonder and imagine, those ‘what if’ scenarios, too. Like, what if I had never moved to Las Vegas, or what if . . .
As much as we think we know where we are heading, or the likely outcome, nobody ever truly knows what’s coming around the corner, until after they’ve made that turn.
So here we are again, getting ready for college football season, and sports betting. Doesn’t it seem so simple, when you compare placing a bet on a game, as opposed to the ‘gamble’ Robert Howe’s parent had to make? To me, it does. Reading something so serious can help you to remember that the problems we might be facing are all relative.
So that being said, we are getting ready to roll the dice and look forward to reconnecting with our audience to talk about sports betting, whose dating whom, and what’s up! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @SportSXMichelle and give Pamela a follow, too at @SportyDiva. We cannot wait to reconnect with our audience! You never know, we may just #getlucky