It’s hard to believe that I have been away from this blog for what feels like an eternity and is close to a year.  It’s amazing what can happen in a year, and for me this past year has been truly eventful.  So before I get to the betting news, here’s a bit about what’s been up in my life:

-Reflecting back to last year’s SB is as good a place to start, and I think, no I know I had a boyfriend at that time.  He was heading off to go skiing and I signed on to puppy sit for his new puppy.  So I cleaned up his patio, hung out with Max, and watched the big game solo while he sent me photos of the group that he never brought me around, and showed me the fun they were having.  I, responded by baking chocolate chip cookies and cleaning his condo, which I did every week so that he would return to an amazing home coming.  What was it that possessed me that guys get turned on by dutiful women who bake cookies, watch their puppy, and hang out solo while they head to Utah for a fun weekend trip, escapes me at the moment.  Somewhere along the way, in our relationship that had just passed the annual anniversary, things had taken such a horrible turn.  As is often the case,  I reflect on what I did wrong, or could have done differently and dismiss the reality that he was equally to blame for our demise.  Probably telling me he felt he could never be himself around me, was the first clue I ignored …. so anyway, needless to say we broke up within the month after the SB, and he hooked up with someone who was in the photo from the Utah ski trip.  I suppose he’s happier and can be himself, whoever that is, and I, well, I have my books.

And that is where I’ve had my nose buried this past year, so much so, that I lost site of my writing here.  It was in February that I found out that I had been accepted to a masters’ program at a college here in Nevada, and since that time I’ve been doing an Alternative Route to Licensure program which enables me to teach elementary school while I complete the program.  Did I happen to mention, I am so, so, happy.  Albeit, busy AF!  This past year, I have completed several classes which have enlightened me to what it takes to be an elementary school teacher, but nothing has given me true knowledge like being in the classroom.  Everyday I am amazed at the beauty and joy of childhood, and I thank God for the amazing journey that I am privileged to be on!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching and could not think of a better place to teach than here in Southern Nevada.

Before I get back to sports, let me segue to a moment about how amazing God is and share a short story about something that happened to me this morning.  The setting is my apartment in Nevada, and the characters include my son and his girlfriend who were sleeping in my room.  For some reason, and I am not sure why, the little book When God Winks at You, by Squire Rushnell, which is usually at my bedside, was in my living room. I do not remember when I moved it, but it was there on the ottoman in plain view this morning.  I had slept in the living room, an  woke up early which I tend to do now since I teach, and even though it was Saturday, I decided to get up, make coffee and read.  I picked up the book and began at the back of the book, where I found a story about a man who had been adopted at birth and reunited with his birth mom.  For several reasons, some known and some most likely not in my immediate awareness, I found this story compelling.  Then I moved on to the quotes that appear to have been purposefully placed throughout the book.  I began to cut them out and put them on the ottoman, thinking that I would hide some of them in my son’s suitcase, or in his things so he could find them as he unpacked when he got to Los Angeles.

My son, by the way, has been somewhat somber this past year, finding himself lost after graduating college, feeling stuck and unsure of what career moves to make.  I know I cannot make him happy, but still I am his mom, and it’s in my nature to do my best to help him see his blessings and be mindful of the need to remain positive.  And then it happened, God winked!

In the back of my mind I knew that I could not make my son’s choices for him, and that I was only responsible for my own happiness.  I kept telling myself that it is best to let him be and be mindful that he has to make choices on his own, and that even though I can try to inspire him, the only person that can make him happy, is himself.  This is a lesson that I have learned and relearned over the course of my life, and I knew that the quotes would only be welcomed when and if he is ready to receive the information.  I told myself to focus on my own happiness, and let go of any need to fix his life.  He must do that for himself.  Not his girlfriend, nor I, are responsible or capable of making him happy.

Of course, this knowledge did not stop me from taking the pillow on my window seat that has the words be happy stitched on it and wrapping it inside the comforter that I was going to put in their car.  Pictures of the pillow falling to the floor, when he and his girlfriend unpacked their things, were in my brain as I carefully folded the comforter over the pillow.

Then, we all went out and packed up his car.  I came back inside, and began to make up my bed without the comforter that I once had, and out popped the pillow.  Wait, had my son found the pillow and put it inside my blanket?  It took me a moment to realize that I when I removed the duvet cover, the pillow must remained with me and did not make it to the comforter I had given my son.  This was not intentional on my part, but I did keep the duvet cover, thinking that they would not need it and it matched my bedroom.  So I smiled and thought, that God sent me a little message and I went to my living room thinking that God might have just winked, and then . . .

I opened up my window, to let the fresh air in and I thought about how I rarely open the blinds in my apartment, but that I should do so because seeing the view can make me happy.  Within a few seconds, the wind started to blow, and a greeting card fell from a shelf in my living room.  The card, had been one I received from a good friend of mine, only this time I think God was sending me the message.  Here is what the card says:

“No matter how crazy my life gets, I know you’ll be there and when it’s your turn to lose it…you can count on me.”

I turned the card over and written on the back, it reads: just WINK 

I know I did not share a bit of news about sports’ betting or Vegas, per se but I’ll be back.  Thanks for reading and being here with me on this journey! #BeHappy