What is it about words and me?  I love words.  If I were to live my life all over again I would probably major in English and my love affair with words would begin much sooner, than later.  Only, I might still find myself working in the insurance industry, because it is there, among other places that words are so very important. Of course, words are also very important when it comes to the law.  I think I’ve written about this before.  A perfect example might be the word ‘rape’ or the word ‘bully’ and how those words are defined or not defined in the eyes of the law.  When it comes to insurance, the word ‘auto’ has significant meaning; only whether or not it’s defined in your policy is another matter entirely.  By the way, have you read your policy lately?

Now most people might not take the time to actually read their insurance policies and they might not realize just how important some words are until after they experience an uncovered claim.  It might be nearly impossible to know the definitions of all the words and how they matter, but in my opinion, words might be among the most meaningful variables when it comes to coverage.

This past week I had the pleasure of being at an insurance industry class and one of the instructors loved words!  He spoke often about how much they matter when it comes to determining whether or not there is coverage for a particular claim.  In my opinion, words are probably one of the most important ways to argue both for or against coverage and/or should be something you examine when reading anything.

Now back to sports!