I’m old enough to remember when searching for a job meant scouring the newspaper in search of a job.   Every Sunday, and Wednesday for sure, those who were looking for work, would gather all of the newspapers and have pen in hand to circle the jobs that were appealing.  These days there are very few jobs listed in the newspaper and the way to go about searching for a job has changed dramatically.  There are social media forums such as LinkedIn that allow you to list your experience and skills, and several different job boards that promise results.

Only those job boards do not always deliver on those promises and finding a job in today’s competitive environment can be a daunting challenge.  For someone like me, who took time off to raise my son and return to school, those ‘fill in the blank’ boxes can be difficult.  Not everything fits nicely, and more often than not, I find my email inbox riddled with cookie cutter responses that say, thank you for your application and promises to keep my resume on file for something that might be more suitable.  Only, the job I may have applied seemed like the perfect position, and my qualifications seemed to match, only for some reason I was not chosen to go on to the next level.

It’s difficult not to get discouraged when so many rejections fill your inbox, but of course, the only thing anyone can do is keep trying.  There are also other avenues including professional headhunters, resume writers, and networking in person.  The most important thing is to never quit.  This, of course, is not only the best advice a person can give it is also a note to myself, as I begin my day and start to look again for opportunities that might be fitting for someone with my experience, skills and passion.

Ironically, years ago, when I would scour those newspapers, I would often come across jobs that would list qualifications including education levels I had not achieved.  Lately, the message I get is, that my resume is “too strong” and how my not getting an opportunity is a “compliment to me” because a company is looking for an entry-level person without the experience and skills I have acquired.

It is tough not to get discouraged, and I find myself resisting the urge to beat myself up for going back to school and completing my degree and/or staying home and doing volunteer work while I was devoting my time to raising my son.

That being said, it’s time to pick me up and dust myself off and get back out there.  If by chance you happen to be reading this article, and know of anybody that might be looking for someone who is most willing to work, please keep me in mind.


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