As I sit here in my apartment, looking at the article that just came across my timeline on Twitter, I think about all that’s happened these past six months, and wonder just how to make sense of it all.  It seems that not a day goes by without a new allegation about some sort of sexual harassment or employment practices liability issue making the headlines.

I think about the #MeToo hashtag and just like so many women, I have had my share of difficult times in the workplace, but I’ve also had my experiences with so many great men and women who have truly worked in a manner to support and encourage me during different stages of my career.

I also know that sometimes there are relationships gone bad, and just because you’ve had a relationship with someone, and maybe it did not go the way you wanted it to, that’s no excuse to sue your employer for allegations of sexual harassment.  On the flipside, someone who has had a relationship with someone, might be the brunt of horrible treatment, simply because the relationship did not work out, and that’s a totally different story.

It’s not just men, though, who mistreat their employees.  There are women out there who are just as capable of engaging in power struggles, and misuse their power in ways that one can only imagine.  It’s a shame, too, because women can be accused of being catty and in my experiences it’s rare to find a woman, who is genuinely happy to see another woman achieve great success.

“Ashley Judd, the actress and humanitarian, urged attendees of Business Insurance’s Wome to Watch …. to discuss and find solutions to sexual harassment and gender violence.”Gloria Gonzalez, Business Insurance 12/15/2017

How does one recognize the signs of one of those women who are out to discredit and allow jealousy to enter into their world?  It’s not always easy to know right from the start and sometimes we get fooled into thinking someone is our friend or wants to be supportive, until we actually begin to shine, and they do all they can to dim your light.

Sometimes it’s important to simply walk away with your held held high, knowing that you might not be clear on where you’re going but remaining where you’re at, would cause you dismay.

Some people misuse power, many of those people are men, but many of those people are women who simply cannot stand to see another woman shine.  To my fellow collegauges, who might have been among those women to watch, remember to be watchful of your own behavior, and when we talk about gender violence, keep in mind that sometimes it’s the women who are most cruel to their fellow females,  It’s not just men who are the enemy, and we need to always remember that ultimately, professionalism and kindness rules.