This morning I re-read an email I had received from a woman I met in training while we both learned about how to become volunteers at the domestic violence shelter in the town where I live here in Southern Nevada.  She’s one of the nicest women I’ve ever met, and her career involves conflict management.  The email shared a story about a woman who is traveling the world to help combat what she describes as the ‘rape culture’ in college.  The woman who shared the email with me knew that I had taken to the airwaves and gone ‘undercover’ if you will to help educate about mutual respect for both genders and my desire to reach the male population to help them learn about the reality of the crime, and advocate not only for women but for men, as well.

As I sit writing, missing so much of what was, I am reminded by my own inner voice to be grateful of what is. There are times when we go in certain directions only to find ourselves somewhere that’s quite different than where we had intended to travel. It’s not always easy to accept that things did not necessarily work out as planned but when we take a moment to think and we realize that we are not always the ones in control.

Recently, I took on a role that’s quite different than what I had envisioned and I am currently pondering what’s next.  Perhaps you’ve also been examing where you’re at in your career and/or personal life and wondered just what happened to your plan.  As Thanksgiving draws near and a new year is almost upon us, I find myself questioning and re-working my plan knowing full well that perhaps God (or the universe) has placed us exactly where we He needs us to be.  Most of all, I want to be mindful to be thankful for all that was, and all that is, and open to what will be.  No things are not as I planned, but rather than dwell, I’m making choices that will allow me to make changes so that I continue to grow.

The young lady, I mentioned earlier, who is out there educating about college ‘rape’ culture travels the country to help others to understand the value of mutual respect.  This morning, I connected her with the host of the sports talk radio program I’m connected with.  Who knows, maybe you’ll hear her on the radio.

Remember that story, The Five People You Meet in Heaven?

Forever thankful,