I was definitely feeling homesick last week and being home sick, literally surely didn’t help matters.  I miss Madison Square Garden, and I miss ‘the city’ and I miss waking up and being able to walk to the beach!!! I also miss teaching, and seeing the kids in school, only I came out to Vegas for a reason, and even though things have not yet worked out to exactly as planned, it’s not as though things are all bad!!! In fact, most of the time I’m super happy I decided to move out here, despite missing my home.  So for what it’s worth, thank you to all of those who took the time to text, call and comment on my Facebook page, and remind me that just because my friends are far away physically, doesn’t mean that they are far away.  Also, what’s so wrong with selling insurance for now, maybe forever, if it’s something I believe in?  Maybe I ought to turn my mindset around and start looking at the glass half full, right?

It’s not that I do not understand the label that’s attached to salespeople who ‘whore’ themselves out there and just do things to make a quick buck.  That’s never been me, and it never will be me.  I’m so much more than that, and if someone accuses me of doing somthing just to make commission, why should I take it to heart, when I know it’s not true?  Besides, it’s not as though I don’t have my business, and my dreams of making MondayNightFantasy.com into something special someday, just things take time, right?  Right!

So let’s count the positives that have happened since I left my home back East:

  1. I have a really nice apartment and the rent is about $600. a month cheaper
  2. Of course, it’s not a block away from the beach, but ……..
  3. I have a really nice group of friends and I would not trade them for anything
  4. I have met some awesome folks who invited me to handicap and be on their radio program every Friday morning to pre-record, and it’s so much fun!
  5. I wake up and see the mountains and an amazing view of The Strip
  6. The weather is amazing most months of the year
  7. I managed to land a pretty cool job which will allow me flexibility to keep my business going, and also allow me to purchase health insurance for way less than what I was paying
  8. I have spent most of the past year with someone who’s been incredibly nice and there for me during some of the roughest times, when I’ve been super homesick
  9. I have my health and I still have a heart, a brain and I’m working on that courage!!!

I still get mad at things I probably should not get mad at, and I wish I could just click my heels like Dorothy did or did not do, and end up in my bedroom back home.  Only home is where your heart is, and as much as I miss back East, and what I used to do, what I’m doing isn’t all that bad.  I wish I was able to teach out here, but for whatever reason …. I suppose it’s time to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do and decide to be happy! Thank you to everyone who reminded me to put my ‘big girl pants on’ and stop being sad.  Set backs happen, and having the rug pulled out from me AGAIN on the Monday Night Fantasy contest didn’t help my mindset, but in the big picture, I guess it doesn’t really matter.  Somethings are just not meant to be.  Onward!