It’s late at night, and I’m struggling with something at the moment, and using Google to find answers to what I already probably know, but sometimes when I’m struggling with something, I find that seeing that others have the same struggle helps.  Silly, maybe but it I suppose it’s human nature to find comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

In my life, I’ve been accused of arguing, looking or wanting to argue, and trying to prove my point, and as I’ve gotten older I have tried to do some self assessment to see why this is the case.  Truth is, I enjoy conversing and it’s not so much that I care about being right, but it does bother me when someone says something, and then denies saying it as opposed to simply clarifying what they might have meant.  A wise person once told me, that just because something comes out wrong, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it and that’s so true, but it’s hard to talk about something when someone denies ever having said that particular something in the first place.

SO in my attempt to “not argue” and to let go of any attachment to the outcome of the relationship, ya da ya da ya da, I admit I’m struggling with trying to understand when someone swears they never said something, you know you heard them say.  My Google search helped me to remember that people often deny saying something when they are confused in part by what they said, and that it perhaps came out wrong, or they did not intend to hurt your feelings.  My preference would be to work through what was said, rather than ever hear, “I never said that,” simply because the conversation seems to turn to whether or not someone said something, as opposed to the very issue of what they said.  Ahhhhh maybe that’s the answer, right there.