On April 21, 2017, Newsweek published an article written by Michele McPhee that probed into the issues of Aaron Hernandez’s sex life, as a possible murder motive.  In the article, McPhee discusses what she refers to as “just one of the many mysteries” surrounding the former “star New England Patriots tight end.”

Many have expressed discontent with McPhee for delving too deep into the personal life of Hernandez and some have taken to social media and accused her of “fake journalism.”  Is it fake journalism, or is it that some cannot handle the truth?

When a person commits suicide, after being found not-guilty of a double murder, of course, there are bound to be theories as to the motive.  McPhee’s discussion about Hernandez supposed bisexuality being a possible motive for his killing of Odin Lloyd ( a killing he was serving a life sentence for, without the possibility of parole ) hit the airwaves in Boston before Hernandez took his own life.  Was being outed a reason he might take his own life? Who can say?

Now back to sports …. ( Here’s Michele McPhee’s article http://www.newsweek.com/aaron-hernandez-hidden-sexuality-murder-police-587879