It’s a bit past 6 pm, and I’m sitting at the long bar here @SteinersPubLV which for those of you who have yet to be seduced by Twitter, means Steiner’s Pub (Las Vegas).  I’m here to promote the pub, and of course, watch the National Championship game, which sort of goes ‘hand-in-hand’ because I usually head to Steiner’s Pub when I want to catch the game, and I’m also usually doing “live” tweets, so it’s the perfect fit and no doubt that this is where I’d ride out the rest of the madness in March.

The reason I’m taking a moment to share on my blog has to do with an article I had written about age.  You see a few weeks ago I shared about how this guy who had asked me out told me that he thought I was older than him when he met me, and I talked a bit about just what it is that makes women feel as though they need to ‘look younger’ than they are once they reach a certain age.

Tonight, as I was walking into the pub, this young child yelled out to me, “You can’t go in there because you have to be twenty-one.”  He was standing with an older man, and I could tell they were waiting for someone who had gone inside.  I stopped and asked him, “Well, wait, do you think I’m less than twenty-one?” And he said, “Yes, you’re not twenty-one and you can’t go inside.”  Now you see, I’ve always known that Steiner’s Pub gave me so many reasons to smile.  The food, the atmosphere, the staff are all among the wonderful things that I’ve come to expect here at Steiner’s but tonight, I had one more reason to smile!  I assured the young boy that I was above the age of 21 and thanked him for sharing the information he shared.

The young boy’s grandfather smiled and we both assured the young boy that he would be able to come to Steiner’s soon enough, and not to worry because all good things are worth waiting for.

To learn more about Steiner’s Pub, you can follow on Twitter @SteinersPubLV or visit their website at ( Steiner’s only serves patrons that are 21 and over to comply with Nevada’s second hand smoke laws. )