What is it about a person’s age that makes people cringe when it’s a topic that’s brought up?  Then again, it’s probably only those who are “older” who cringe and at which point do we begin to feel as though our age is an issue?  Ugh!!!!

Recently I began dating someone and although I cannot remember the exact point that age was brought up there was this sort of respectful silence when it came to the topic.  I was not sure how old he was, but I thought maybe he was in his early forties.  In fact, I remember when I first met him, after he brought up having grandchildren that he looked “too young” to have grandchildren but then again, maybe he had married someone with children or his children had children young, or maybe he just looked really good for his age, whatever age he was.  It was not as though I cared about that because honestly I felt a connection to him and it seemed as though we were on the same page when it came to the really important things, and age was and is just a number, right?

Only, age does matter to some.  It matters a lot when it comes to marketing demographics and companies continue to target certain criteria in a traditional manner, often ignoring that 50 might actually be the new 30, because people are living healthier lifestyles and aging differently than they did in the past.  One person who is 30 might be another person 60; just ask Christie Brinkley.

So last night this guy that I’m dating brought up age again, and he seemed to want to know how old I was, and he might have asked me outright but seemed to tread lightly because he was afraid that he might be offending me by asking the question. I thought it was amusing how he seemed to dance around the topic, trying hard not to offend me all the while I just kept thinking about how it just plain sucks that women are stereotyped to be less desirous when they age, and men historically men have been thought to get better in time.  I mean I can still remember my father saying, you could tell how old a woman is by looking at . . .

I do not lie about my age.  I do not mind if someone says I look my age, although most people say that they thought I was younger than I am when they find out my age, but who knows if they are simply being kind.  That’s the whole point that it’s kind to think someone looks younger than they are, and this simply is what it is.  It keeps companies that offer Botox in business and raking in millions.

So the man I am dating is in his late forties but he says he knew when he met me I was older than him.  Should I take that as an insult?  You tell me.