I thought I would miss the beach much more than I do, but the mountains provide such a scenic view each time I step outside of my home that I find myself stopping and staring at the amazing beauty that surrounds.  There’s a certain sense of calm in the desert and so far my experiences in Vegas and its surrounding areas have been nothing short of magnificent.  In fact, that’s probably why I have not written here for quite awhile, because I’m busy getting to know new people and new places, and I am enjoying the exploration.

My new place is rather peaceful and it’s coming along.  I found a great table at Good Will, and it was less than $20 so I’m super psyched about that.  My plan is to one day sand and re-finish it but that will come in time.  I absolutely love shopping at consignment shops and although Good Will is not a consignment it’s sort of similar only it puts people to work, and I love that about it.  Ever since going through a devastating storm, where I wore clothes that had been donated, and wrapped myself in blankets that were also donated, I have come to appreciate the simple acts of kindness in a way I never knew.  I know not everyone thinks about the people who benefit from their donations and it’s likely that some just need to get a tax-donation or rid of something but to me Good Will, is so much more than that and regardless of the reason people give their things, it’s a very cool experience to shop there.

So far, I’ve been to some concerts and actually plan to make it a habit to catch one a month.  Always regretted not taking advantage of Manhattan in that way, as I’m not sure if I ever saw anything on Broadway the entire time I lived there.  That’s pretty lame.  One of the concerts I saw recently was David Cassidy.  I thought he was amazing and as I watched the slide show of the still photographs which featured scenes from his earlier years, I thought about how much my sister loved him when she was growing up.  I guess everyone loved him back in the day.  I was amazed at his ability to remember things and share so much with his audience.  He exuded gratitude and I was in awe at the talent on stage.  It saddened me to see that TMZ ran a story that he fell off the wagon and was slurring his words on stage.  A few days later I happened upon an issue of People magazine which has a cover story about an exclusive interview with David Cassidy and his battle with dementia.  This lead me to think about the media, and the horrific way it will report on something without checking the facts, just to sell a magazine or get you to click on a link.  I’m not saying that TMZ article was reporting inaccurately but it would not surprise me and it just seemed so sad and somewhat exploitive.  Then I thought about Trump, and his use of the term ‘enemy’ when describing the media.

It seems like forever that I have been trying to get the media to be more accurate and I do not blame President Trump for wanting to correct the misleading media.  Sadly, it seems to have become an “us against them” stance and that’s never good because it seems so counter-productive.  I remember when one of the New York papers called the NFL commish a liar accusing him of having seen the video of Ray Rice hitting his then girlfriend and I do not think there was one ounce of proof that he had lied, but the headlines would have had you believe he was no different than Pinnochio.  We have justice systems that are supposed to be based on innocence until proven guilty and one would think that the media would be apt to be similar but just as our justice systems are flawed so too is the media.  Of course, the media is only human after all.