I woke up this morning, excited for the big game.  For some reason, I opened an email which was lead about how our newly elected president thinks that politics are bigger than the Super Bowl.  I just smiled and next thing I knew I was reading the Twitter timeline which was chock full of tweets posted by our president or the person that tweets for him.  One of the tweets mentioned how the judge who overturned the recent ban is dumb, or maybe it said that the judge’s decision was dumb. I don’t really remember but it matters not, and if you want you can venture to look for yourself about how our newly elected official thinks that it’s dumb that a judge can overturn a decision by Homeland Security.

I thought to myself about all I learned about our government while taking classes in school. One of the classes was actually called, Terrorism.  Then there was the one called, Landmark Supreme Court Cases…. and I smiled, again.  Then I remembered that it’s game day, and decided I’d think about this tomorrow.

As I begin to close my laptop, I take a moment to pray for all those who will play in the big game, and all those who will be in attendance and I hope that they will be safe.  There is never a guaranty that any of us will be here tomorrow and for all we know this might be our last day.  I think about the hi-jackers who killed innocent people on 9-11, and I thank God that I was no there on that day and that my name is not one of the names that is read off each year.  As we continue to move forward, let us not forget that we must be diligent and mindful and always careful.  Let us also remember that evil is not necessarily going to show up  with a sign that says, “Hi, I’m Evil and I’m here to destroy you.”  Evil has existed since the beginning of time, and closing our borders will not necessarily stop it.  We must look to what we’ve already done, and who is already here.  We must be prudent and careful not to allow fear to govern, but look to view a totality of circumstance and be aware that the balance of power we sought to create so many years ago, is there to protect us all in times like these.