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It’s late at night, and I can’t sleep.  ( As soon as I type those words, I start thinking of a Shinedown song and the words to whatever song that is start replaying in my head. I’m certain it’s 4 am somewhere …)

What am I doing with my life?  It’s that question we so often ponder and there are days when I truly do not have an answer, although I keep telling myself that the direction I’m heading is the right one.

So it’s back to Vegas, to embark on my dream which involves my own business, consulting, strategizing and making my way. It’s really tough to leave everything you know behind and venture off to a city where for the most part you don’t know a soul, except for the people you’ve met in the past three months.  (By the way, thanks so much to my friend Diana for introducing me to some very cool people, because those people I’ve met over the past few months have truly been there for me to help me find my way and feel like I’m not too far away from home.)

Somedays, I tell myself to just keep going.  Follow your intuition because it’s your best guide.  Other days I want to hide under the covers and never come out.  Those are the days when I make certain to remind myself that if I just hold on one more day, things will begin to fall into place.  For there’s no way I’ll quit, not now anyway.

As I was going through my things, cleaning out my apartment, I came across a tax form that showed I paid over $16,000 or borrowed that much to pursue my doctorate.  That much money, and I never finished. Ugh! What was I thinking?  How could I go so far and quit?  Well, of course, if it weren’t for Hurricane Sandy, my life would have probably gone very differently.  I’d likely be teaching somewhere at a community college, or managing a non-profit organization that focused on educating about misusing power.

Crazy how life can throw you a curve ball sometimes.  What’s even crazier is that I’m up writing about it.

Turning off my computer, going back to sleep.  Early afternoon flight to Vegas.  Dream #tobecontinued