When I was a little girl, I used to have a set of favorite commercials.  Some of them had songs and I can remember coming up with a cheer where my best friend and myself came up with dance moves and sang the lyrics in the streets.  It’s not like we had an audience.  Nobody was going to hear us sing, but we sang nonetheless.  We kicked out legs in the air, clapped our hands and sang together, “Look up America . . . ” Do you remember the song?

I grew up in the 70s and as most folks do when they reach what’s most likely the mid point of their life, I look back and think I had the best time ever, when I was a child.  We played kickball in the street, ran when we saw an approaching car, and put shaving cream in the mailboxes of our neighbors on what we called, Mischief Night.

For some reason, childhood memories stick with us, or some of us and for me some of my favorite memories center around television.  Not just the shows, but also the commercials.  As we prepare for the upcoming Super Bowl, there’s bound to be a lot of focus on the commercials, and which one makes the grade.

For me, some of the brands that come to mind as having the best commercials include those that center on sending a message that’s heartfelt and of course, aims to sell their product.  I also love the ones that are super-funny.  I think the one that comes to mind first, when I think of Super Bowl commercials is the one with the player from the Steelers who takes off his shirt, and gives it to a kid.  So many messages in that one little commercial and while it might have been the corporation’s intent to get folks to buy its product, it served up more than that when it sent more than one meaningful message.

Do you have a favorite commercial?  What do you think of when you think of Coca-Cola?  Do you think of the many of dollars its spent to help polar bears, empower women, or perhaps the feeling you got as a kid, when you held on to your dreams and sang songs? Look up America . . .