It’s Sunday morning, and I’m waking up to a blanket of snow that’s glistening just like diamonds. Call me crazy, but I cannot stop thinking of baseball, and I’m so excited for Major League Baseball Season Opening Day, which by the way is only 85 days away!

So what’s going to happen this season? Will my team be playing baseball in October? Will my favorite pitcher still be wearing red? What about fantasy baseball? Will it continue to be the latest trend? Nobody knows for sure, but odds are that no matter what happens this year in MLB, diamonds will continue to be a girl’s best trend.

When it comes to making a fashion statement and what to wear to a game, many who follow baseball, will be decked out in their favorite player’s jerseys. Only, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with players who make a move, and you find your closet filled with jerseys with names no longer associated with your favorite team. For example, in my closet you’ll find a jersey with Max Scherzer’s name on it, which I bought when he was my favorite Tiger. I still wear the jersey, when I consider taking a selfie photo to post for #TBT, but for the most part wearing a team jersey with a player who’s making plays for an opposing team is most likely considered a bit out of style, unless you are wanting to make a statement, such as he should never have been traded!  Then again, if I am considering drafting Max onto my fantasy team, I might be setting a trend when I show up with my ‘Scherzer jersey,’ on Draft Day!

Perhaps one of the best things to do when it comes to deciding what to wear to the game is get decked out in your favorite team colors, and there are some great fashion trends that are bound to get you pumped up for baseball.

One trend I borrowed from Pamela Michelle aka @SportyDiva  on Twitter which is a  ‘must follow’ this year, is having your nails and socks be in alignment with all the fanfare for Opening Day! Pamela Michelle gets her nails done in O.P.I.’s Girl’s Love Diamonds and Love Athletes in Cleats which, of course, are white and red respectively and shows homage for her beloved Sox!  When I visited Detroit to take in a Tigers’ game a few years ago, I happened to pick up promotional polish decked out with ‘The D,’ one bottle in blue and the other in orange. I wear the orange on my toes with summer sandals, all season long!  Trendy nail polish, whether its colors, decals or the bottle sporting your favorite team logo which shows up in your selfies can be a way to get in the spirit and it’s usually in alignment with most budgets so it’s definitely a win-win.

Whether it was the glistening snow, the thought of MLB being just 85 days away, or perhaps the thought of Valentine’s Day just around the corner, for some reason I have diamonds on my mind.  Maybe, MLB is the reason April’s birthstone is diamond.  Who knows?  What I do know, is you do not have to look far to find some great fashion items that will get you ready for baseball. Whether you’re planning to sport your favorite socks or show off your gorgeous rock, it’s time start planning. Remember, diamonds will always be in fashion and forever and always, a girl’s best trend!  What are you wearing Opening Day?