It might be a bit lofty to think that the commissioner of the National Football League takes the time to read my letters, but don’t you know ‘lofty’ is my middle name.  At least according to that assistant professor that happened graduate from Harvard who thought I was very lofty, indeed for thinking that MRIs could assist in determining a violent offender’s propensity toward violence.  I mean, imagine that.

So what on earth would I want to bother Mr. Goodell about now?  Well, for one thing I would likely suggest that he’s right on target in acknowledging that Las Vegas has ‘some real strengths.’  Yay!!! Finally, Vegas is getting the respect it deserves.

All those stats about how Vegas cannot possibly sell out, are a bunch of ‘bs’ if you ask me because just as Richard Velotta points out in his front page article of today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal it’s the ‘nontraditional’ that must be looked at when one wants to examine whether Vegas is a good market for an NFL team.  Stats mean nothing if the sample population is tainted, and you simply cannot compare Vegas to any other city in the United States. when it comes to the allure of a professional sports team.  Vegas IS different, and here’s one reason why.

Walk through Vegas on any given day and you will find several people walking on not only ‘The Strip’ but in the supermarkets, pharmacies, liquor stores, etc., what do those people have in common?  More often than not many of them are wearing team jerseys in support of their favorite team, quite possibly from their hometown.  Vegas are a melting pot, and it’s filled with sports fans.  Not all of them love the Raiders, but most of them love football.  So what would happen if, let’s say the Jets were to play the Raiders here in Vegas?  Hmmmmm I bet there would be a lot of Jets fans that would line up to buy tickets to see their team.  One would venture to guess, that many of those people might have relatives who might want to have a reason to come to Vegas, and so why not plan a trip around the #NYJvsLVR game?  Of course, add to that those who live outside of the United States, who might want to take in an exciting NFL game, and what do we have here?  We have a mixture of locals, nationals, and internationals that have made their way to fill the brand new stadium, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Velotta described the ‘intangibles’ as part of the allure of Vegas, and while I would agree with that, I also think there are many tangibles, namely people.  The most important element of Vegas is its people, those who live here.  Additionally, there are also those who visit.