It’s early morning here in Vegas, and I’m just taking a look at the newspaper.  I know, I know there are a million and one on-line sources to acquire the morning news, but I’m usually one to support the minority, and lately it seems newspapers are getting a bad rap.  Call it down time, or whatever you’d like, but for I love serenity in the morning and reading the newspaper often gives allows me some quiet time.

This morning, in the Las Vegas Review-Journal  I happened upon an article about an MMA fighter who is suing for the right to work.  It brought back memories for me of my studies at Boston University, and my many papers involving brain trauma.  It was back in 2007, while a student that I began delving further and further into the issues of police officers who have brain trauma and how law enforcement deals with the matter.  There were so many reasons I was interested in this topic.  Mostly, it was the horrible violence of one officer on the NYPD, his possible participation in athletic sports and the incident involving a professional wrestler, Chris Benoit.

This coming week, during the legal segment, on we’ll talk about the MMA fighter who is suing the city of Boston.  Should law enforcement restrict the duties of officers who might have brain impairment?  Could there have been brain impairment on the part of the Officer Justin Volpe that caused him to flat out lose in on a hot summer day back in the ’90s?  Should we have investigated the matter more, or just labeled him as a racist cop?

Now back to sports ….