What do Josh Brown, Ray Rice and Rick Pitino have in common?  Well, for one thing all three with be the topic of conversation during tonight’s #PanishPerspective that airs during the ‘live’ show here in Vegas, on 720 AM KDWN.

Brian Panish, one of the most prominent legal minds in our country joins host, Ken Thomson, and myself to discuss the various aspects of the issues pertaining to the NFL and the NY Giants stance on Josh Brown’s domestic violence, and the issues concerning possible NCAA sanctions on Rick Pitino, Head Coach of Louisville Men’s Basketball.

Do you think women are better equipped to deal with the management or handling of sanctions when it comes down to punitive damages against a domestic violence abuser?  Is physical violence that includes striking someone with their fist, such as the way Ray Rice did in the elevator at Revel, more dangerous than verbal attacks?

Have you been there?  In the shoes of an abuser or a victim of abuse?  If so, you might have a biased opinion on the matter.  I’ve studied domestic violence  and met countless victims.  We talk about it tonight on SportSXRadio, at 7:30 pm PST.  Follow the show account on Twitter, @SportSXRadio and tweet your thoughts.  Include hashtag #PanishPerspective.