Seriously, psyched that the Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, is pumped up about the possibility of moving to Las Vegas.  Equally excited for all those in Vegas, who will have the opportunity to finally show the world that Vegas means business!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vegas aren’t all about fantasy, although that could be in the mix, too!! Imagine a stadium built with the fantasy player in mind, here in Las Vegas, for the entire world to experience.  It’s a ‘win-win’ for this city and the National Football League.

The NFL commissioner is not a stupid man.  He might say he wants the team to stay in Oakland, and of course, he’s not going to publicly push for the team to leave its home base, but behind the scenes, he’s likely cheering about the idea.  Vegas are changing and evolving right they’re with the NFL.  So too, is the gaming.

There’s so much I could add about why it makes perfect sense for the NFL to have a team here in Vegas, and why the badass Raiders is the perfect match.  If for some reason, the NFL owners do not approve the move…. actually let’s not even go there, because it’s better to remain positive and let this fantasy play out into the real world.

Those who know me best know that before there was an affinity for the Cowboys, there my wardrobe consisted of silver and black during NFL season.  It was only when I began working with the sports talk radio program here in Vegas, that I chose to adopt another favorite team, and that’s all because I tried to keep my true self, somewhat private.  Not that I didn’t love being taken in by Cowboys’ nation, nor was my passion for cowboys false….

Everybody’s got a story about why they have a favorite team, and some of us have two teams we root for because, well because there are times when things happen in one’s life that causes one to take a detour, and when it comes to building the perfect fantasy team, it’s okay to have two loves.

So a message to the #Flowers this morning, and to the leader of the pack, let’s #Vote Yes for the team moving to Vegas.  For so many reasons, let’s show the world that Vegas mean business!