Can you imagine what it was like for those folks who spread those awful lies about the world being round?  I mean, the nerve of those folks, to try to poke holes in what was thought to be so, and then go ahead and prove it.  Wonder what it was like to actually admit you were wrong, after calling all those who thought the world was round, fools?

If you’ve followed my journey to Vegas, from back in the day, when I was sharing about how I felt that traditional marketing was changing, and those in the sports industry would be using Twitter, and other forms of social media as mainstream to provide value to programming, then you already know about the struggles I’ve had, and how difficult it’s been.  There have been days I’ve wanted to run back home, because my ideas seem to fall upon deaf ears, and the overall concept of turning my fantasy into reality, especially in the likes of ‘Sin City’ seem futile.

Yet, with each passing day, I see more and more signs that I’m on the right track, and deep inside I’ve always known, that I was following something that made sense, even though it’s been so very hard when I’ve been so far ahead of the curve, and ‘nay sayers’ loom everywhere.

This year, on Columbus Day, I’m going to make it appoint to congratulate myself for being someone who stayed true to myself, followed the road less traveled, and remind myself that just because the rest of the world doesn’t believe in your dream, or has just not gotten to the same point you’re at, does not mean you should quit.  If you hold on, you never know when you’ll reach your landing point, where things begin to make sense, rewards begin to pay off, and others look to join you, and applaud you for being a leader.