Did you happen to hear tonight’s #PanishPerspective segment on SportSXRadio?  During the segment I got to share my thoughts, in what felt like fifty words or less, whether I felt that the term ‘Redskins’ is one that should be changed, to something less disparaging.  Such an interesting topic, and one which I have no real vested interest in, in a sense, because its not as though I own the team.  Heck, I’m not even a fan.  No disrespect, just root for opposing team, and prefer the Cowboys.

When it comes to making laws, should it matter if there is inherent or acquired bias?  Can anyone with a vested interest, namely the team owner, have an objective view?  It’s truly doubtful, and more like impossible.

Should the government have a say in what the team name is when it comes to a professional sports league?  I remember when I was younger, in the second grade, and our ‘reading group’ was charged with the assignment of coming up with a ‘team name.’  I think we came up with something, so utterly common, like the ‘Monsters’ or something but I wonder what our teacher would have said, if we had chosen a term that has been defined as something that is disparaging toward other individuals.  Would it have been acceptable?

Many argue that a high percentage of Native American Indians want the team’s name to remain as is, only I’m not so sure that I agree that it should be up to them.  It just seems that laws are supposed to be decided by those who are not bias, and do not necessarily have a stake.  Similar to the show The Voice perhaps judges should decide cases based solely on the facts at hand, and not the set of circumstance.  For example, first determine if the name is derogatory, and then decide if the professional league should ‘grandfather’ the name since back in the day it was okay to have a derogatory name.  Not to mention that this is football, and football is supposed to be mean and ruthless, so what’s in a name?

One of the cool things about being a guest during the #PanishPerspective is we do not have to agree on the matters we discussed.  During tonight’s segment, I think we sort of agreed to disagree.

My personal opinion about the matter, matters not.  What matters more, is the law.