Random Update ( my #VegasDiary ) I’ve written my first article for Gaming Today News, seen my a rock concert at House of Blues, went to a cocktail party over at Intrigue (Wynn Resorts), hung out with some very cool folks over at Steiner’s Pub, and helped promote the radio show over at the Golden Nugget last Friday night.  I’ve even managed to land an interview with a charter school, but I decided not to go since the school was a bit far away from where I’m living.  I’m missing the beach but enjoying the mountain views, and there’s always something going on either downtown or on The Strip, so it’s not like I’m lacking for things to do.

My current blog post, this one, is actually being written because I’m required to promote a blog post, so this is sort of random, and it’s just enough to get a passing grade.  I’d spend some time writing about Colin’s socks again, and all the ridiculousness I’ve heard today about… On second thought, I’ll skip that topic for now.  Sometimes it’s enough to turn off the noise.

Oh and http://www.mondaynightfashion.com is sort of kicking it tonight with black and yellow or red and gold (is it gold?) … and a new blog starts soon, only it’ll be housed here.  It’ll feature my new podcast, all about betting, novice betting and being clueless in Vegas.  #BetsLikeAGirl #Comingsoon www.betslikeagirl.com