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My Facebook status this morning:

Since 2012, I’ve been on a mission to bridge the gap between radio and social media, and keep radio relevant as more and more people turn to social media feeds to get their information. It is my belief that auditory, kinetic and visual means of teaching are most effective when used collectively. As the world continues to evolve at a pace faster than what seems to be, the speed of light, I long to help those who are older maintain a competitive edge, I have managed to use my brain, heart and courage to reveal my struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, and help myself heal in a way I never thought possible. Initially, the photos I posted on Facebook were done so because I wanted to help someone who was struggling with drug addiction, overcome and learn that it’s never too late to change patterns he thought were ingrained as a result of conditioning. Eventually, my photos became part of marketing an idea to create a the ultimate fantasy game using the domain www.MondayNightFantasy.com and market it with the hashtag ‪#‎MNF‬ which reaches millions during the Monday Night Football game. This video was created by Facebook, not me but the photos are mine. They are untouched and were shared on Instagram and LInkedIn in hopes of securing sponsors for the Monday Night Fantasy segment. They are meant to show my respect for Marilyn Monroe whose legacy is phenomenal. It is amazing that to this day, and most likely forever, she will remain such an iconic sex symbol. The red shoes are symbolic of Dorothy’s venture down that Yellow Brick Road. They were inspired by my newfound passion for a band I happened to see play Sunset Station Hotel & Casino called, quite simply, Yellow Brick Road. As I travel back to Vegas to continue to promote my dream of making www.MondayNightFantasy.com something special in the ‪#‎FantasySports‬ world, and work to further grow my social media marketing business, I do so with a deep respect for my ability to reason, care, and let go of fear. Brains, courage and a heart were things I’ve always had, only as I got older, I have come to realize that it is those things that make me most beautiful. Thank you for taking time to help support and share about my goals. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas throughout football season, and beyond.