Had you asked me that question five years ago, its doubtful I would have said that I’d be heading to Vegas, let alone owning my own business. Most likely I would have thought I would have been just about to finish my dissertation and looking for a teaching job at a community college, somewhere in America.

What about you?  If someone asked you five years ago where you would be today, would you have been accurate in your prediction.  My brother, who recently got married, more than likely would not have predicted that he would have walked down the aisle, and my son might not have had any idea that he would be heading back to Ohio, to complete his junior year in college.  He might have predicted college, but don’t think he would have anticipated Ohio University as his school of choice, nor would he have guessed that he would be very dedicated to achieving good grades, and working toward a degree in Athletic Marketing Media.  In fact, chances are five years ago, a degree program in such an academic field even existed.

What prompted my query this morning, was a book I had purchased from Starbuck’s far more than five years ago, that asks that very question:

 Where will you be five years from now?

While I might have been wrong in the past with my predictions about my future, I am going to give it a try once again.  I’m going to say that five years from today, I will have a successful business, engage in public speaking about the importance of qualitative measurements, and that I will divide part of my time on the East Coast, and part on the West.  I will still love “old” movies; only chances are I might be watching them in a way I could have never predicted so I’ll just stay clear of any tech predictions.

I will also stay away from any future predictions about my love life.  After all I would not want to jinx anything, although I might go as far as to say there might be someone special in my life.

It’s fun to think about the future sometimes, and wonder where we might be headed.  It’s also fun to take a look at the past, and realize just how far we’ve come.  That being said, there’s also nothing wrong with taking a look around and appreciating the present, for even if we could never have predicted what was to come, the present is the perfect time to appreciate all that we have.