Tonight during the #PanishPerspective attorney Brian Panish will take us through some of the tough topics that are currently trending in sports.  The NFL’s decision to give back over $700K to US taxpayers over what has been coined as ‘paid patriotism,’ as well as, its decision not to treat those who traveled to see the NFL HOF game with the respect they might have thought they deserved, will be discussed during the bottom half of the first hour on @SportSXRadio via @720KDWN.

In addition, to ‘paid patriotism’ and the NFL-HOF debacle, the documentary movie Gleason which profiles the live of former NFL player, Steve Gleason and highlights his decision not to sue the NFL, after he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease [also called ALS, amyotrophic ateral sclerosis] will be discussed.

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