This week, I happened to read an article in Cosmopolitan mag, which is titled ‘Worst Date Ever’ and people shared about their worst dates.  I thought about the dates I’ve had over the years, and wondered which might classify as the ‘worst date ever’ … nothing really came to mind until now.  I think for me, the ‘worst date ever’ is the one I never had, the one that I looked forward to, but never came to be.  It never ceases to amaze me that someone could devalue a person, to the point of asking them to go out on a date, and then never show up, never even call after making plans.  What is it that causes a person to do something like that, and manage to be so cruel?  Try as I may, I’ll never know, just what it is, but I do know that for me my ‘worst date ever’ is the one I never had, with the man I thought was someone who valued me, took the time to ask me out, and never showed.  Silly?  Maybe, but for me, that’s definitely my ‘worst date ever’….