Ray Rice, a former football player who played in the National Football League committed a horrible act of violence.  He was arrested, and was court ordered to participate in several programs that would educate him about the potential root causes of domestic violence.  He had an opportunity many who are arrested for such a horrible act do not get, and he had a choice to either learn and grow, and be grateful or become a repeat offender.  So far, based on all the information available, it appears that Ray might have actually chosen to learn and grow, and would like to give back to help victims of domestic violence, by offering his salary, should be be permitted to play professional football in the NFL again.  At least that’s what sources say….

This morning I mentioned that I support Ray Rice’s return to the NFL should a team wish to give him an opportunity to play football.  I would also support Ray’s being involved in coaching a college team.  Someone mentioned that he was shocked that I would condone what Ray did and I’m wondering just why he heard that, as opposed to what I said.  What I said was I support a man who goes through the criminal justice system returning to his means of employment, especially when he offers to give back to society after committing a wrong.  At the core of the criminal justice system in this country is the belief that people can be rehabilitated.  We citizens pay countless dollars on programs within the states in which we live that are meant to help offenders learn and grow.  Why one earth would we not want to see these programs at work?  Yes, I support Ray’s playing football, much more so than I supported the Dallas Cowboy’s choice of selecting a man who never owned his mistakes. If an NFL team could find it okay to hire Mr. Hardy, why one earth would there be any reason to fault the re-hiring of Mr. Rice?