Do you happen to follow, Ernie Keebler, on Twitter?  Ernie’s profile states that he was so busy baking “uncommonly good cookies and crackers” that he only just found out about Twitter, and he’s now working hard to get up to date.  Well, with over 17K followers and some of the most creative tweets on Twitter, it seems he’s going to master social media marketing just as wonderfully as he’s mastered those uncommonly good, Fudge Stripes.

Ernie’s handle is @KeeblerElves and his home and what makes his tweets stand out from the rest, is the dynamic personality that perhaps only an elf could have. He’s humble, super smart, and most importantly personable. He is treating his followers with kindness and sharing about his cookies in the same way he’s always done, which is by seeming real. The cool thing about Ernie and Keebler’s elves is that they still have that amazing knack to get its customers convinced that those uncommonly good cookies are actually baked by elves!!! Do yourself a flavor and follow Ernie, @KeeblerElves simply because its good to smile, and Ernie’s tweets are probably going to put a smile on your face, as well as, cause you to have an even bigger devotion to Fudge Stripes, because brand loyalty is key, and it’s going to be hard to walk past him now when you see his face in the supermarket.

Chalk this one up for marketing genius! Truly, Ernie’s the most influential elf on Twitter.ErnieKeebler