This is an actual copy of content from an email I shared with Duncan Gilman, Dean of Students at Splash Media University … 

Hi Duncan,

Hope you are well.  Just wanted to reach out to share a story that I thought you might find of interest, as well as, say hello.

This year, the first Sunday night baseball game was between the Mets and the Royals, a rematch of last year’s World Series.  As I prepared to watch the game, I took a look at the Twitter timelines for both teams.  This is a normal occurrence in my world, as Twitter has become my initial ‘go-to’ source for all sports related information.  While looking at the @Mets TL, I noticed a tweet with a photo about ad space that was available over at Cashman Field, which is the home field of the Las Vegas 51s, the NY Mets Triple A team.  Since I work to promote a sports talk radio program in Vegas, and also promote a sports bar, I reached out to the team to see how much the space would cost.

I’m happy to share this weekend, the ad space that was available is now going to be filled, and its all because of Twitter!!! My client, Steiner’s Pub, located in NV will be advertising in the space, and my idea for #TweetYourSmile will be used in conjunction with marketing to fans! The rest is still unwritten, but it’s likely that the domain and the handle @TweetYourSmile will be used in conjunction with the sign, and all the smiles will be shared on site, and via social media.

How amazing is it that a local Vegas business, tweeted about available ad space and their New York affiliate, retweeted the tweet … and then while I was sitting somewhere at the Jersey Shore I noticed the re-tweet on the NY Mets TL, and subsequently reached out to my Vegas client? Goes to show just how amazing Twitter is …. and how qualitative data is so important.  One might have thousands of followers, but all it takes is ONE follower who takes the time to pay attention, to connect the right people and get a deal done! 🙂

Someday I hope to speak to businesses, and share my success stories about how I incorporated qualitative tweets into the mix while working to promote an am radio show in Vegas, and ended up reaching the world!! 🙂 Thanks for taking time to be so supportive and for backing up all I already knew with your coursework, I’m a huge fan of SMU!