It’s early Monday morning, and I’m just taking a few moments to think before I begin a class that will allow me to continue educating myself about social media marketing.  It’s been a week or more since I’ve signed on at Splash Media University’s online program which when completed, will provide me with a certification of social media management.  In a way, I cannot wait to return to the program because it’s going to allow me a deflection from the morning news, which as usual is all over the place, and filled with horrific incidents that involved sexual assault on campus, and a horrible mass shooting.  Has the world gone nuts recently or has it always been?

Way back when I was a student at BU, one of the professors asked a question about how the world has gotten so horrible, and brought up how violent it has become.  He cited killings, rapes, etc., and I was quick to bring up that we used to have slaves fight lions in arenas. “Good point,” he said.  Then he asked if I felt the world has always been and will always be this way.  With little hesitation, I remarked that I believe in two forces, one that represents good and the other that represents evil.  Somewhere along the way there were some typos and those two forces are also what many will claim to be ‘God’ and the ‘Devil’…. and while we have organized religion, and many remain faithful to the god they so choose, I have no problem claiming that I’m not sold on any one religion but rather believe that God is good.  I’m also horrified that anyone with intention of killing innocent people would kill in the name of God, because Americans at the World Trade Center who were killed, as well as, those who were dancing in Orlando, were in fact innocent civilians and did not deserve to be killed.

Donald Trump is calling for radical change and while you might not like his views, or the way he goes about saying his truth, what he says deserves to be looked at in a manner that it might be representative of what a lot of Americans feel but are afraid to say for fear of being chastised.  All Muslims are not the enemy, but many are and it’s wrong to discount reality, even if you are not going to make friends saying so.  That does not mean we should become irrational and treat people unfairly, but if I were Muslim, I would understand why Americans are fearful, and I would try to be more compassionate and understanding of Trump’s views, in this regard.

Am I wrong?  Not necessarily, because there are my feelings and I worked for a company for ten years that lost 300+ people on 9-11 and respectfully, I’ve paid attention.  I agree with Mr. Trump, “We need to be smart.” If you take time to read the book, “Inside the Kingdom” by Carmen bin Laden, and still think we do not have a problem that we need to correct, feel free to email me as I’m happy to speak with anyone about the matter, and explain why I feel the way I do about terrorist threats in this county.  Not only have I studied it, I’ve been close to it, and lost many people I had known for years.  No disrespect, to anyone, but WE do need to be smart.  We must focus on goodness, and like it or not we must be willing to accept that not everyone does, and many want to destroy our country in the name of (their) God, which is NOT good!

Also am I wrong to think that there are many college ‘kids’ out there who have no clue about empathy when it comes to sexual relations, and this goes for both men and women.  In fact, it’s not just college kids.  You have many women who will claim this or that happens just because they do not wish to own their own behavior the morning after and you have many men out there who are looking for an immediate conquest, as opposed to handling their business in a manner that respects women, especially when they have been drinking.  Is it wrong to expect our education system to get involved and teach ‘the law’ and let our youth learn that taking advantage of others will land you in prison for a very long time, or have you registering as a sex offender etc., so in a sense your life is pretty much doomed, unless you make a major turn around and that will not be easy.  What’s the best sentence for Mr. Turner?  Was the sentencing report so wrong?  I might have written a similar one, with one exception.  I would have added, “Your Honor, since the country is doing so much to share about how we have a horrible situation here, when it comes to our youth and sexual assault, you cannot let this be treated lightly.  Yes, this man messed up but you need to set an example to the rest of the country, that rape is NOT okay.  On the other hand, it’s best not to completely throw the book on the young man, if there is a chance he can learn from what he did, and odds are he won’t do that in prison, so perhaps there should be some sort of program where it’s tough but also beneficial, and a graduated sentence should be handed down.  We need programs that work, not private prisons that make money on keeping non-violent offenders housed away.  Is Mr. Turner a violent offender?  Should he go away for long?  If you were the judge, what would you decide?

I’m heading to class.  Sadly, I have a feeling that these issues will not be resolved any time soon, but for what it’s worth life is still, and America is still beautiful.  We just usually tend to forget those things or at least the media seems to focus on the problems more so than the wonderful stories. No doubt, there was something wonderful happening somewhere this weekend, but the sad news has a tendency to overshadow.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to maintain a balance and keep your eye on the full picture.  Life will probably always have horrific incidents, and the world has always had tragedies, and we as a people must do our best to rise above and be sure that ‘good conquers evil’. Or at the very least stays one step ahead.