This is just a sample of my work … the rest is still unwritten.

It happened one night.  He came into my room without any warning.  It was nothing I have experienced before and it was as though I would feel his presence.  His strength, his warm, his being.  Could it be that I willed him there?  I had been living solo for a long time and my work was my life.  That and my son, but for the most part my son was pretty independent, traveling the world now, and I was living a solitary existence which consisted of books, books and more books.  There were dates, but they were few and far between and I’d pretty much gotten used to that and I was not so sure I was not completely content with the way my life turned out.  Sure I wished I had someone special, but time had slipped by and the guy I was supposed to spend my life with married someone else years ago, and I had accepted that, or so I thought.

[Later that night] Of course I’d accepted it.  I was happy for him.  He was living the life he’s always wanted.  One I would have never fit in to, at least not then.  Who knows, probably not ever?  Although, it’s nice to think so.  Every now and then, my mind would wander off to the distant future when he knocked on my door, and said, “I just wanted to tell you that it’s not too late, and we still have a chance to.” Of course, that’s not going to ever happen in real life.  That sort of stuff only happens in the movies.  And, I was not living a movie; I was not living a fantasy.  I was simply living my life.  So who was this man who had come into my room that night, with such a significant presence that it would cause me to want to share all of my deepest secrets. Something told me he already knew them, anyway.  It was almost as though he could read my mind.