Did I manage to get your attention with that title?  You know, the usage of keywords is a big deal now, and I’m going to venture to say it’s always been.  Wouldn’t that be totally bogus if I mislead you and used those words just to get you to click on my blog so you could read an article about anything but…? Would I do that?

Okay, so here goes.  This entry is about ‘sex’ and it’s also about ‘the game’ in a way so that sort of qualifies as ‘sports’.  Well it sort of might, but not really…  Forgive me?  If so, please read on.

I’m writing to say that all this research I’ve done about misuse of power, sexual assault and attempting to get to the core root of the problem, has caused me to come to the conclusion that some people are nice, and others are not.  I know, I know it sounds so simple, and in a way it is way too simplistic, because I’m ignoring all the times when nice people are not nice, and mean people are nice, and what about the levels of consciousness that may be involved…you know, that trinity of sorts.

The other day my neighbor asked me the age of someone who had made a mistake involving drugs and the law.  “They are such babies at that age.,” she said.  That age, mind you is twenty-four.  Are they really? Depends on the scenario, I suppose.

Anyway, getting back to ‘sex’ and what’s on my mind, I really am scattered a bit with this entry… misuse of power and all.  I’m not sure why but I keep thinking about sexual assault and trying to get to the root of the the problem.  I just don’t understand how one could take what’s not offered, or overpower someone weaker.  During a recent conversation, someone asked me politely if I would mind if he misused power on me.  He was kidding, of course, and I knew it.  He was, in a sense, flirting with me and I knew that, too.  How crazy it is that one such phrase could be seen in so many ways, depending upon the eye of the beholder.  How crazy, too, is it that men and women tend to walk that fine line where at any moment things can turn, which is one reason why trust is so incredibly important.

As we continue to evolve as a nation, as a people, and as a universe. It’s so incredibly wonderful to see that some men have no problem treating women with the respect they deserve.  Sadly, others may never get it.  How can we teach empathy to our youth?  How can we instill a mindset when one will be able to understand just how wrong rape is?  I’ll probably always continue to ponder this and forever spend my life working to make a difference.  I want to get through to some people just how wrong it is to take what you have no right to take …. and as I type these words, I think of our history, I wonder just want we as a nation have done in that vain, and I hope we move forward and upward to new levels of consciousness where we are truly mindful to be respectful.  Only, the sad reality is that many will see kindness as weakness and look to take advantage of our kindness …. and that’s sort of how things go, right?  Maybe I ought to change the subject.  Let’s talk about sex, Baby! [ HA! sports might be a better! Who’s on first?]

Turning it over to sexy photos, and objectification … the world of ‘sex and sports’ can be a marketing minefield but it can produce positive returns.  There are those who think it’s wrong to objectify one’s body and use it for monetary gain, and others who think its just wrong period.  In my opinion, it’s a woman’s right to choose how she uses her body, and in that regard, let the games begin.