It’s early and I am waiting for my coffee to brew.  Last night I fell asleep with the television on, only to miss the slaughter of the Tigers by the Athletics but then woke up and found an interesting episode of Forensic Files when I switched the channel over to HLN.  So I’m assuming that’s what channel is on now, and it just so happens that there’s a report about Donald Trump and his respect for conspiracy theories.  Remember I’ve not yet had coffee, and I just woke up, but something about what he [Trump] said compelled me to open up my laptop and begin writing, about him and about his desire to speak his truth.

I get why people do not like him.  He’s not the typical politician who keeps things status quo, and he’s speaking about things that might make people a bit uncomfortable.  He can come across as somewhat of a bully, and it’s disheartening.  Yet, despite all this, he’s also very compelling.  He speaks his mind and some [including yours truly] find that refreshing.

Take for example, his opinion that our current president should have handed over all documentation when asked, because there was some sort of question about his place of birth.  I do not care what the reason was for our president’s not handing it over, what mattered to me, is that he had an issue with handing it over.  This is just one thing that Donald Trump had voiced his disappointment about but it’s not as though he wants to get into it, he simply thinks it was fishy.  Many Americans seem to agree with Donald Trump about various different things.  This is one thing I strongly agree with him about.  I don’t care what some documentation shows about the our president’s place of birth as of NOW, I  care that he did not hand it over THEN!