Last night during the #PanishPerspective which is a feature that airs every Tuesday on @SportSXRadio featuring Brian Panish, a prominent attorney with Panish, Shea & Boyle and Ken Thomson, host of SportSXRadio , I listened once again to issues concerning the whole deflategate fiasco.  At one point, Ken commented about how the issue has been discussed to the point where it’s nauseating but still they [sports talk radio hosts and other sports industry professionals ]  have to cover it, because its relevant sports news. I get it.  Only, I’m disgusted by the matter because it seems to me that it is so old already.  Did he or did he not manipulate the air pressure or bully someone else into doing so?  We’ll never know.  Does air pressure in footballs change without any manipulation on the part of humans?  It looks that it could be so, because many top scientists have apparently said so but does it really matter?

Does anyone know who’s on first any more or does the National Football League dominate our sports talk radio to the point that nobody cares.  Why are we talking about football in May?  Why?  Because apparently there is no ‘off season’ when it comes to the National Football League and say what you will about the NFL Commish and others, they sure  know how to dominate the news cycle morning, day and night.  If it’s not one thing it’s another and people cannot seem to get enough of ‘As the NFL Turns’ daily drama.

Am I wrong to think the NFL is selfish to continue to use the United States Court system in what feels like a witch hunt against one of its top players?  Am I wrong to be sick and tired of hearing about Tom Brady’s balls?  Chances are there might be a bit of bias when it comes to how you answer those questions because it might all depend upon whether you are a Pats’ fan or not.

Will Tom’s suspension be upheld?  The ‘need to know’ and desire or lack there of to talk about it, is all part of the ongoing drama that makes the NFL so intoxicating.  Love it, or hate it … chances are it’s making the top trends today!

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