It’s 4 am and I’m reading about how the NFL supposedly tried to influence findings … oh wait it’s not findings but rather it backed out of a promise ’cause it alleged conflict of interest on the part of Boston University  …. and there is mention of that Republican Senator from New Jersey [speaking of conflict of interest, isn’t the NFL suing the State of NJ over legalized sports betting issue ]  … and about the research from Boston University … and I’m wondering if we would ever really know the full story about the NFL trying to influence or strong arm . . . Supposedly the NFL thought there was a conflict of interest…. You mean like the one when the Jets fan decided Brady’s fate?  Did the NFL really try to strong arm or did a Democratic Sub-committee say it did that?  Now, if you’re a Republican chances are you might cry fowl play and wonder why it wasn’t a bi-partisan committee that was investigating the matter.  If you’re focused on fantasy sports, you might say, “Who cares, just make fantasy sports legal so we can get back to playing…” And if you are one of those conspiracy theorists you might think this is all just more smoke and mirrors to get folks talking about the NFL when its baseball season!

Me, I just smile and think of how the NFL Commissioner always talks about the integrity of the league being what’s at stake when it considers why legalized sports betting is taboo.  I suppose we would have to operationally define ‘integrity’ ….