Finally got to watch the movie with Julia Roberts, where her character’s daughter is murdered.  I’d share the title if I remembered it.  I think it’s ‘Through Her Eyes’ or something like that but I’m not sure and I don’t feel like Googling it to find out so you’ll have to bear with me here.  Besides the title and plot of the movie are not really relevant to this article.  Reason I brought it up as respects to sexism, is there is this line in the movie where Julia Roberts’ partner [ law enforcement not lovers ] calls her a ‘dick’ … and she is so happy that he didn’t use an alternative word because she says that would have been sexist.  So I’m wondering, why?

A few years ago I remember reading that Ms. Roberts bought a necklace with the ‘C-word’ on it and wore it proudly on a movie set.  Now, I cannot vouch for my sources, for all I know I was on the supermarket check-out line, reading one of those unreliable tabloids that somehow usually turn out to be reliable but seriously I cannot be sure she owned, never mind, designed such a necklace.

What I don’t get is why would it be sexist to call a woman a disparaging remark if the remark is reserved for women.  I don’t get it.  “Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender. Sexism can affect any gender, but it is particularly documented as affecting women and girls.” [ wikipedia, the very reliable source on the Internet that knows all ]

When did the rule change that girls cannot be girls and boys cannot be boys?  Why should there be only actors and no actresses?  Was it discriminating to refer to someone of the female gender as a female?  I love being a woman.  I liked when guys used to hold the door open for women, and treated women as though they deserved protection.  I have no problem with the way some women want to hold the door open for themselves, but if you happen to be standing waiting for the elevator next to me, and you are inclined to let me go before you, and you’re a man …. I would simply say this: Thank you.

By the way, equal pay for equal work is a totally different topic.  Sexism and treating women as though they are less than is a very fine line.  There are reasons that men got paid a lot more, back in the day.  They brought home the bacon and years ago things took a heck of a lot longer to cook, so while women were churning butter, men were out there hunting.  Should some men have been churning and some women be hunting, I’m sure.  Was it wrong to disallow women to do the things men did?  Same as it was wrong to own slaves, of course.  It wasn’t right to have women be declared property.  Yet, it’s a new day and we are finally correcting some wrongs.  Only I still don’t get why words matter.  Last I checked women still have vaginas, and men have penises and there are differences.  Why do we have to remove them all for the sake of equality?  Why can’t all words be created equal and just leave it at that?

By the way if you notice any typos, it could be that I’ve not proofed my article yet or that I missed them so please do not hesitate to call them to my attention …. #Imperfect & female! 😉