It’s early afternoon, and there’s a certain sense of calmness in my home … and while there are a million and one things I probably should or could be doing, I’m not doing any of them but rather sitting down in a seat, reflecting on the day, and thanking God for the blessings He brought into my home today.  All of the sudden I’m mindful of that serenity prayer, and I keep hearing over and over again . . .

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference ….

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking we have the power to change things we can’t …. and through courage we are able to see …. Today, I was visited by a pastor who works at a church in the town where I live.  He was hear to listen, and share a prayer and as I listened to him speak, I took a moment to thank God for His presence in my life . . . The pastor came by because he wanted to help me cope with things going on in my life that had to do with my niece’s struggles with addiction but ultimately he was helping me to understand the difference between what I can and cannot change.

My niece’s work is hers to do and her struggles are hers to overcome … and with the help of those who have wisdom and kindness in their heart, I learned to let go.

Now back to sports ….