Betting on Vegas to Own Fantasy Sports by Michelle Sports X

When the news first broke on Twitter [which, by the way is where most new breaks nowadays] that the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders were considering heading to Las Vegas, many Vegas insiders thought it was nothing more than a farce. In fact, I immediately got emails from several prominent Vegas locals, including the editor of a popular gaming publication; after I tweeted that I would be taking the ‘Over’ in the Raiders actually signing on the dotted line in the near future. It’s just a farce he said, “Everyone knows it is just a rouse and the Raiders are simply using Vegas as a pawn to help negotiate better terms in their current contracts that may be up for renewal.”

The buzz about the Raiders moving to Las Vegas died down after the Raiders announced they would stay in Oakland, but since the commitment was only for a year, I was still very much on the ‘Over’ and still high on the probable move. I was so convinced that the Raiders would make Vegas their home I wore silver and black to the Super Bowl party while covering a Super Bowl party in Vegas, and a hat that was signed by Fred Balitnicough.

At the time of this writing, the buzz is back and many Vegas insiders are betting on Sheldon Adelson to make the Las Vegas Raiders a reality. In fact, even the one guy who was adamant that I knew nothing and accused me of loving a debate just to debate is slowly coming over the my corner. Now he’s not saying it’s a rouse but is talking about the uphill battle that the Raiders will have getting the NFL owners to approve the move. Me, I’m still betting on the Raiders making their home in Las Vegas, and I’m also taking the ‘Over’ on Vegas becoming the fantasy sports hub of the world. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.

One of the reasons I’m convinced that Las Vegas is going to be known as the sports hub of the world, and that fantasy is going to be alive and legal in Sin City, is because Vegas is known for its ability to make fantasy fun! Many have compared Vegas to the Disneyland for adults, and as the NFL continues to gain more and more followers, it makes perfect sense that it rely on Vegas to enhance fantasy. Not only that but Anheuser Busch recently invested in Vegas, and if you’ve been to The Beer Garden, which is located at 1 South Main Street, in Las Vegas, you know it’s just a matter of time before others follow suit. Vegas are becoming the sports capital of the United States right before our eyes. The other thing is you need to be having your eyes wide open in order to see.

Those who follow fantasy sports know that there’s been a lot of red tape, which has surfaced because of the question as to whether it was some form of legalized sports betting. Only, of course, that red tape is nothing more than a formality in Vegas, and although licensing for fantasy sports will be required and the overall process of obtaining licenses has caused the fantasy sports industry to hit pause, it’s not as though those licenses will not get issued, and once they do, Vegas will most likely own fantasy and the Raiders will have even more reason to hang their helmets in Vegas.

What makes me so sure Vegas is the perfect home for the National Football League is in part the result of the success of the Las Vegas SuperBook SuperContest. Jay Kornegay. According to Jay, who manages the sports book at the Westgate [formerly the Las Vegas Hilton] where the Las Vegas SuperBook SuperContest is held the SuperContest has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 1988 and that growth he attributes that growth to be very much a result of social media.

Some facts about the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook SuperContest shared by Jay Kornegay for this article:
*Inception was in 1988 and is known for being the most prestigious pro football handicapping contest in the world
*Entry fee is $1,500 and contestants must enter in person. Non-Nevada residents welcome and may use to proxy to submit their weekly selections
*the popularity of the SuperContest has escalated in recent years as social media has exploded the number of contestants. In 2010, the SuperContest had 345 participants with the winner receiving $207K. In 2015, The SuperContest had 1,727 contestants with the winner receiving $906K.
*The SuperContest is a good mixture of “professional” players and the “average Joes”. In recent years, first time participants have won more than half including last year.
*The SuperContest has grown by an average of 33% over the last five year

Something else that causes me to believe that Vegas should have its own National Football League are the NFL Commissioner’s recent statement about sports betting. If you follow @AmericanGamingAssn on Twitter, you’ve probably already read the state made by NFL Commissioner, Reoger Goodell, wherein he stated that, “Nothing threatens the integrity of sports more than a thriving and opaque sports betting black market where the bettors and those taking bets hide in the shadows…”

For those who have followed me on Twitter, and have read my work in this publication, and others you already know that I have been saying that sports betting will become legal throughout the land. The NFL Commissioner has been against sports betting because it was in the shadows but with social media and modern technology the NFL Commissioner is seeing a more level playing field and many in the sports industry have come over to my way of thinking and realize that sports betting is nothing more than day trading.

Investing in a sports bet is nothing to take lightly and of course it makes sense to do your homework. You do not want to lose your shirt! Yet, if you want a sure bet, you can rest assured that the NFL will thrive in Vegas, and shows like and contests like the LV SuperContest will be on the rise. Oh and I’m going to take the ‘Over’ on that #MNF contest coming soon. You know the one over a