In my world, the #NFLDraft is bigger than the Oscars.  It’s been that way since 2012, and in the past, when the NFL Draft was held at Radio City in New York, I was there watching the players make their way on the ‘Red Carpet’ …. Many of them were decked out in their finest and flashiest attire, and it was obvious it was their night to shine.

Last night the NFL Draft was held in Chicago, just like last year, and although I did not travel to Chicago, I was tuned in none the less, and fully prepared to send a congratulatory tweet to the players who were selected in the first round.  Among them, Laremy Tunsil, whom I had predicted would be chosen sixth.  Laremy’s handle, by the way, was @KingTunsil78.

In the past, the drama around the #NFLDraft that seemed to be trending centered on a player’s sexuality or his inappropriate behavior that had happened off the field.  Players like Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston, and Michael Sam are a few who come to mind as being newsworthy.  Who among us do not recall seeing Michael Sam embrace his partner, and/or recall Tony Dungy’s commentary about why he would have passed on Sam?

Last night, there was no congratulatory tweet shared with @KingTunsil78 when the Miami Dolphins selected him.  Instead, the account was gone.  Why?  What happened to cause Laremy’s account to be removed from #TWTR?

No doubt, this morning there will be those who are saying, “See, you should never be on Twitter because Twitter can ruin your life.”  Shock jocks that despise how Twitter has made it possible for the ‘People’ to actually have a real voice might find reasons to rationalize about how Twitter should be avoided at all costs.  Yet, those of us who pay attention and understand that the positive of Twitter, when used correctly and strategically fully outweigh the negatives, will likely smile at how fear can cause so many to remain ignorant.  Twitter is not to blame for what happened to Laremy Tunsil, and what happened to Laremy Tunsil is a lesson for us all.

During a recent segment of the ‘Panish Perspective’ on @SportSXRadio, the host of the show, Ken Thomson talked with Brian Panish [] about how we should avoid speculation, and we should be mindful of looking to get reliable information before making assumptions.  When you look to judge Twitter, perhaps you might want to include all the amazing tweets that were shared during last night’s #NFLDraft and not just focus on the one tweet that will likely be explained once the dust settles.

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