If you happened to be listening to Brian Panish during his weekly radio segment last night that airs at 7:30 pm PST on http://www.SportSXRadio.com then you heard him share about the heartbreaking case which involved Ted Agu who died after a strenuous team workout.  Ted played football for the University of California which admitted its negligence was a ‘substantial factor’ in Agu’s death.  Agu had sickle cell and many experts believe that having this blood abnormality can lead to death when subjected to rigorous exertion.  It was not just the settlement that was remarkable but the discussion about policy change and elimination of punitive workouts that was of interest during last night’s segment.  If by chance you missed the #PanishPerspective last night, you can catch the archive which is up over at http://www.SportSXRadio.com.  Also discussed was the NFL’s CTE lawsuit, and Conor McGregor’s retirement.