Ever hear that song by Kid Rock that includes the line, “I’m not too political, a little bit cynical”…. I always think that is how I am.  Despite working toward my doctorate in Public Policy Admin/Law, I’ve never really been too political.  I guess I think I’ve thought that politicians are pretty much the same.  Well, I mean except for Mitt Romney.  I have to admit I really liked him and believed that he truly cared.  Okay, well add Senator Lesniak to the list of politicians who care.  Truly, deeply and without hesitation…. he not only says he wants to do things to make a difference but he actually backs it up.  How do I know?  Well, let’s just say that his response to an issue involving a problem was faster than what I would have expected from your everyday normal superhero.

This morning I happened to wake up to a text from someone in my family who was reaching out to share about the laws in Maine or Massachusetts that pertain to drug addicts.  It was a distress text because my niece is in a state of active addiction and her family is beside themselves trying to get her the help she needs.  Surely, most of us have seen what this heroin epidemic is doing to our youth.  My family is not immune.  In fact this is the second go around as I have another niece who struggled in a similar manner.  So I thought I would reach out to Senator Lesniak and it’s not as though I expected him to respond.  I sent a screenshot of the text to him on Twitter.  Within less than an hour he had someone “on it” and there was a genuine sense of urgency and compassion in the emails I’ve received from his office.

I’m still not going to say I’m very political.  I’m very turned off by polarized politics.  However, I am willing to say that I do believe there are good politicians out there who take time to work hard for changes they believe in.  I think Senator Lesniak is one of them.