Why is it okay for some but not all to use the excuse that provocation is as good a reason as any for inciting violence?  This morning people are blaming Donald Trump for the actions of others, but these same people might be the same ones who have said that provocation was no excuse, or even went so far as to suggest that there was no provocation in certain domestic violence incidents that made the news.  You simply cannot have it both ways, right?

Violence is not the answer, and of course, Donald Trump’s words that might have suggested that he was okay with using violence against those who permit heinous acts or acts to disrupt his mission is not to be applauded.  However, resorting to violence should also not be applauded.

What’s bothersome is how the mainstream media can often do things to perpetuate violence for the sake of ratings and spin a story to get their message out there, whatever that message is, with so little disregard for the reality of the core root of the problem.

Sadly, many have little desire to understand the core root of an issue and too often the core root of the problem is overlooked.  Pretty sure it was Hillary Clinton who said in one of her books that although she’s not a fan of negative campaigning, it works.  The residual affect of Mr. Trump’s words, or the impact of the planned protests at his rallies which are alleged to have been fueled by other campaigns who are supposedly working toward uniting the people, might distract from what matters most.  Or, they might serve as a reminder that provocation is no excuse for violence.  Hopefully, intelligent minds will work together to rise above ridiculousness and create a more balanced approach so that we can truly work towards a goal that serves the world, and that is to strive to make America great.  United we stand, divided we fall.