I’ve pretty much managed to stay clear of the political debates.  Seeing the tweets that were tweeted during them was enough for me to gauge what was taking place and I just had no time for the ridiculousness.  However, the other night I happened to be with family and they were very interested in watching Donald Trump, and the rest of the Republican candidates talk about issues [ or at least that’s what they were hoping would happen ] in the latest Republican debate.

It was hard for me to sit there and remain silent as I listened to issues about the buy-out on Wall Street, and the insurance industry being the big bad guy.  Of course, insurance is only your friend when you need it and it’s always easy for those who know very little about insurance to blame the industry for everything wrong in the world.  The little lines around the states has become a sort of buzz word now, but does anyone really understand what Mr. Trump meant?  I mean, other than those, who underwrite insurance and understand the state vs. federal licensing requirements of that industry?  Probably not.

What about women’s issues?  Mr. Trump vehemently declared he is “Pro-Life” and I find this admirable if that means he believes a women ought to bring a pregnancy to full term.  Of course, in a perfect world it would be nice if all women did this because it’s the ideal situation.  Yet, we do not reside in perfect world.  Ever wonder what happened when abortion was illegal and women found themselves facing pregnancy that was brought on by rape?  What about when women ended up pregnant when they were young and scared and clueless of what to do and had nowhere to turn?  Although I was never at risk of being pregnant when abortion was illegal, I am pretty sure prior to Roe vs. Wade, wealthy women had access to safe medical procedures and many women without connections resorted to coat hangers.  It’s fine not to want to fund abortion, it’s also fine to investigate Planned Parenthood, but to hold steadfast to laws that disallow a women’s right to choose for herself about whether to bring a life into the world, seems horribly unfair.  Animals in the wild make choices everyday about what’s best for their unborn …. To learn more about the imbalance and favoritism for the wealthy when abortion was illegal, I’d recommend reading the book, “A Case of Need” by Michael Crighton or consider watching the episode of Mod Squad, The Girl in Chair Nine.