I’m trying to make sense of it all.  It, being the media reports about Donald Trump’s defiant stance which has been met with ridicule by so many.  Banning all of a certain religion seems so un-American, right?  Yet, is that what he said or did he say that we should institute a holding pattern until we are more clear on how to navigate a more safe landing?  I find it so interesting how so many media sources will take a few words of what someone says and fail to report or emphasize someone’s overall point.

Years ago, while I was a student at Boston University, students were asked if the media controls the world, and sometimes I wish I was able to see just how I responded to that particular assignment.  As I watch the way some media sources will manipulate and look to convey a message in a way that allows it to end up being so one-sided, I’m marveled that many seem so quick to form opinions based on half the story.  For example, if one of their favored candidates is caught with their hands in the cookie jar or lying, it can find a way to forgive or rationalize.  Yet, the powerful media will do all it can to paint someone who is out of alignment with their agenda into a monster.  What about the gun issue?  A report by a major media source will put in bold headlines that guns were purchased legally, but then when you get to the end of that same article, it might be describing the illegal purchase of some of the guns.  The problem, of course, is many times people fail to read the full story.

I listen to what Donald Trump says and try my best to understand why he is saying something that might go against the grain because I believe he is trying to protect us all from an enemy that is crafty and knows no boundaries.  Based on what I am able to gather, I do not see that Mr. Trump is saying we should discriminate but rather be vigilante.  Of course, he might not have experience in politics so he might not be aware of the ins and outs that politicians contend with, but is that really such a bad thing?  It’s not as though seasoned politicians always manage to lead us in a manner that’s without residual calamity.  Imagine if we were in the wild and leopards were killing our young, so we decided to look out for animals with spots.  Would that be so wrong?

When you read that Donald Trump said that we should ban certain people from entering the United States of America until our leaders have a better grip on how to deal with the matter, be sure to read the fine print.  Sometimes that’s where the important message is only too often we ignore that part because we’re focused on headlines that grab our attention.