So here we are about to shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday and look what’s on the table for those daily fantasy games.  According to those who have been following the actions of the NY state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wherein he issued a C&D on those daily fantasy games, and seems to have specifically targeted Draft Kings and Fan Duel, today was a big day.  A New York Supreme Court judge could have issued an injunction that would have “effectively ended the ability of daily fantasy sports sites to operation in the state.” [ Grove, @OPReport, ]

So what happened?  The judge, Manual Mendez, is reported to have said, “you will get my decision.  It will come very soon.” Of course, soon is a relative term.

I have to admit, at the risk of sounding like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists, it just seems like it’s all part of a show starring the big bad NY AG as the villain and both Draft Kings and Fan Duel are the poor innocent victims, both of which have ties to the media. By the way have you noticed that with every time there is a story about the matter it feels like another one of those commercials because the logo for Draft Kings is vividly displayed somewhere front and center?  I don’t know about you but I find the whole thing a bit amusing.

I’ve been paying close attention the the fantasy sports industry for a few years ago. My original introduction to business side of daily fantasy games happened when I was working with a sports talk radio program that was sponsored by a gaming company.  The gaming company, Cantor Gaming, had decided to get involved in the fantasy sports industry, and informed the sports talk show that it was to focus on fantasy sports more so than gaming.  I was even asked to market the fantasy sports company and promote the site.  I purchased domains on my own to help drive traffic to the site, and I was taken to dinner at Revel Hotel in Atlantic City by executives of Cantor Gaming, who told me that my domain, was likely worth over a million dollars.  Then all the sudden everything stopped.  Cantor Gaming pulled out of the fantasy sports business.  Everything about the future of fantasy sports was up in the air because folks behind the scenes knew that there was going to come a day when the legality of the daily fantasy games were questioned.  I had little choice but sit back and watch because all the sudden the timing involved with selling the domain was off.  When discussions about the legalities about fantasy sports being considered sports betting began to make the air waves I realized what was going on with the potential marketability with my domains.


Getting back to what happened today in New York, and the odds of the fantasy sports industry surviving, I would not count the fantasy sports industry out.  I just think that it’s going to be an interesting show and the anticipation is all part of the game.