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If I had to take a running tally of the amount of thoughts that go through my brain between the time I wake up and the time my head hits the pillow, I’m not sure I’d be able to count that high.  Not only are there infinite thoughts, but they can range from wishing I’d not hit send on that last text to the guy I said “good-bye” to at least a million times, or wishing I could clarify what I meant to say when I answered that poll question that came upon my Twitter feed.

Speaking of that poll question, have you noticed that Twitter has added a feature that allows one to include a poll in a tweet.  Although it’s a bit restricted and unlikely to produce any data that would qualify for any real scientific study, it’s a fun and interactive way to include your audience in the conversation.  One of the first questions I asked was which NFL QB would have a better fantasy day during a Monday night football game, which was of course in an effort to help share about my idea to have a game predicated on Monday night stats and share awareness about the domain, www.mondaynightfantasy.com.

Yesterday I happened to notice @GamingTodayNews shared a poll with a question from Mike North [ @North2North ] asking if you could only see one or the other would you prefer to see the Super Bowl or the College Football Championship game.  How does one answer that question without clarifying?  Well, by choosing one or the other and never looking back!  However, for some reason I woke up this morning and found myself wishing to explain my choice.  Now it’s not as though I think Mike North is going to care about my choice, I mean he might care but I’m quite certain he’s a busy man and might not have time to pay mind to my thoughts on the matter. Surely, I’m not expecting him to read my explanation but it’s just if I don’t release my thoughts they are likely to sit and fester and  cause me to lose sleep, so here I am writing away.

Okay, here’s my explanation to why I would prefer to see the College Football Championship in lieu of the Super Bowl.  Wait, were we talking live or on television?  I mean that might matter because depending upon where the game is and who might be there, and for that matter who I’m going with, could make all the difference.  I still would probably opt for the College Football Championship because I love College Football and I tend to follow the players all year more so do than I follow the NFL.

No sooner did I hit send that I thought about my response.  How could I miss the Super Bowl?  I mean I’d miss all those commercials that are usually so thought provoking and fun to talk about for days after.  Hopefully this year they won’t all be promotions for Fan Duel or Draft Kings, or at least if they are maybe they will be a bit more creative and show Donald Trump drafting his fantasy team and then have the NY AG walk in and say, “Hold it! Hold everything!”

Can I change my answer?  Is it too late? I don’t want to miss the Super Bowl.  It’s not because of the game but the sense of belonging that the NFL allows for all of us and I want to be part of the party on Twitter!  I can’t miss the game!  I might be the only one on the planet who isn’t watching.

Last year I was in Arizona and strategically booked my flight to get me out of Phoenix just around game time so that I arrived in Vegas by Half Time.  How could I not watch the Super Bowl?

Note to Self:  Do not lose sleep over the responses given in Twitter polls! Also, when it comes to the choice of whether to watch the Super Bowl or the College Football Championship, thankfully odds are I’ll be able to watch both since they are broadcast on two different days.  It was a good question, though.  I wonder which one Mike chose.