I’m up early checking the final score of the Monday night game.  Looks like I might have missed a close one but I opted to place my head on a pillow and never looked back.  [ Remind me to check the point spread later so I can see which team was favored and check the predicted total.  Not that I bet anything but it’s always fun to check the odds. ]

By the way do you happen to know anyone who might be able to help me spread the word that the domain http://www.MondayNightFantasy.com is for sale?  I’m hoping to sell the domain and get money to invest in my business.  There’s so many others who can make use of the domain by having contests involving Monday night stats and I’m certain someone out there can see a vision that includes sports fans entering contests based on Monday night stats, using the hashtag #MNF to market and further brand the concept, and well you know maybe come up with some crafty slogan!  Something like the one McDonald’s uses — “I’m lovin it”