As I watched last week’s Sunday night football game on NBC I could not help but feel sorry for the Dallas Cowboys.  Once again the team’s leaders have it all wrong.  Why is that?  So much elegance on the field alongside some of the stellar players who seem to be wanting to win but something is lacking and it’s what separates the best from the contenders.  Could it be that the team has a desire to win above everything else and that’s the problem?  All I kept thinking about is how could they let go of Demarco and care nothing at all about it but grab onto Greg Hardy and stand by their man?  No way should the Cowboys have let Demarco go, but they did and as far as I’m concerned they should have said, “No matter what you are offered by any other team, we will match it because we do not want you to leave.”  You don’t let your best players walk when you can afford to keep them.

One thing that caught my attention during the broadcast was one of the guys on NBC said Demarco Murray chose to go to the Eagles because of self professed greed.  Funny I missed that story when Demarco was being dismissed by Dallas after putting up such impressive numbers.  Seemed to me that Demarco deserved respect and his leaving the Cowboys had very little to do with greed.

Of course, can’t always believe everything you hear and it’s not as though I know Demarco Murray or Mr. Jones.   So its highly doubtful I’ll ever truly know if Demarco believes he left because he’s greedy. Just because that guy on NBC said Demarco said it also does not mean we got the full story.   Sometimes things are taken out of context especially by the media.  As for me, I just cannot imagine Demarco’s leaving was as simple as that guy on NBC made it seem.  Oh and if by chance Jerry Jones said Demarco left because he’s greedy, well I guess that might cause one to think the Cowboys’ owner  is a bit out of alignment with reality.  I don’t think Demarco was greedy when he chose to move over to Philadelphia.  I just think for him it was a matter of respect.  Crazy thing is that guy on NBC seemed to be projecting and /or trying to alter that public’s perception of Demarco.  I doubt it worked.  For some reason I don’t think there was a Cowboys’ fan out there that was not happy to see Demarco do well.

Oh and has anyone else noticed that Mrs. Jones takes care of the Art?  Sometimes I feel like the constant reminders about how Mrs. Jones takes care of the art are a reminder that a woman’s place is . . . . Oh never mind.